Monday, August 24, 2009

Christmas Catch Up!

I know I have been slack in updating by blog, but you know how it is - Husband, 6 kids, sports day, new job, late nights, etc, etc! But anyway, here is a start. Below are the six cards I did for my Christmas in July Workshop. I will post some more soon. In the essence of time I won't be putting up recipes, but if you want to know what I have used for each card, leave a comment and I will get back to you.

This one was inspired by Marelle Taylor (

This was inspired by another stamper's blog I've been on but can't find it again - sorry.

This card was inspired by the scrapbook page in the Stampin' Up! catalogue showing this stamp set.

This is one I created myself - that doesn't happen very often!!
Oh, and this one too - I think!

Will post again soon - I want to show you the shoes and hand bag I made for my sisters birthday!

Catchya, Deb

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